Raising public awareness on electronic waste as a source of valuable materials (AWARE)

a Wider Society Learning project of

AWARE. Raising public awareness on electronic waste as a source of valuable materials

The aim of the project is to increase the share of waste ending up in official take-back systems instead of losing the resource to waste disposal or incineration plants and collection outside official take-back systems. To achieve that, the project focuses on education and involvement of school children, both to raise the awareness of end-of-life electronics as a resource, and through them to bring the message into families and the society as whole.



Slovenian children know e-waste well

As an external collaborator in the AWARE project we also conducted eco-workshops for children in Slovenia in order to present them e-waste and its proper handling. In the company ZEOS, d.o.o. from Slovenia, we have been dealing with the proper management...

E-waste recycling (school kid) heroes in the making!

The EIT RawMaterials AWARE team went to the Zevensprong (Leuven, BE) to talk to 40 primary school kids about the importance of e-waste recycling. Through this experience, the kids were motivated to become real recycling heroes.

Is data the new gold? A case study for repair data

In collaboration with TU Berlin, the SIM² KU Leuven Lifecycle Engineering (LCE) research group published a study that provides key knowledge on potential opportunities and limits of repair data for specific repair applications.

The curse of white oil?

“The curse of ‘white oil’: electric vehicles’ dirty secret” is the attention-grabbing headline of an in-depth article on lithium mining published in The Guardian (Dec’ 8, 2020). Peter Tom Jones (SIM², KU Leuven) reacts in this piece.