On 5th November 2019, within the EIT PROJECT AWARE and specifically WP2 and WP3, the partner Relight organized a Workshop for the University of Trento students and high-school teachers. The session was organized in collaboration with the other project partners Fondazione Bruno Kessler(FBK), Hub Innovazione Trentino Fondazione. (HIT) and University of Trento (UNTN).

About 20 participants (students and teachers) accompanied by Professor Luca Fiori of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering of University of Trento, were involved in a workshop focused on the world of WEEE.

The event was developed in 3 sessions:

  1. The Educational Session – 6 modules of scientific and educational contents regarding the world WEEE (or “WEEELAND”) were used to inform the attendees. This session deals with  important topics such as the Italian Decree on WEEE, the Italian WEEE management system, the 5 EEE categories, the industrial process to treat WEEE and recovery secondary raw materials, etc. .
  2. The Entertaining Session – the participants were involved in a “WEEE-Game” , a game to test their level of knowledge after the first session.
  3. The hands-on training session – the participants were accompanied to visit the Relight treatment lines and facilities dedicated to the treatment of the WEEE.