On 15th  May 2020, Aware project was presented by Relight in the on-line academic  seminar “ECONOMIA CIRCOLARE E RICICLO”.

The webinar was organized by University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) within the Italian nation project PLS “Piano Lauree Scientifiche Scenza dei Materiali” entered in the EIT Project RM@Schools3.0 (more information http://www.pls.scienzamateriali.unimib.it/rm-schools-3.0 ).


The event was dedicated to university students, Professors, Researchers, high-school students and Docents and focused on 3 main topics presented by 3 Speakers:

  • circular economy- Start-up and Manufactures towards the Circular economy
  • recycling- the material substitution
  • recycling – process to recover CRMs.


Teresa Sessa of RELIGHT introduced the 210 attendants to the Aware Project in her address on the “Industrial processes for the recovery of valuable materials from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)”.


RM@Schools 3.0 is a Wider Society Learning project, focused on an innovative program to make science education and careers in raw materials (RM) attractive for youngsters. Therefore, AWARE (Raising public awareness on electronic waste as a source of valuable materials) was presented as a best practice and innovative tools to raise the awareness of end-of-life electronics as a resource, and through them to bring the message into families and the society as a whole.

AWARE, in order to achieve its purpose, put the attention on new the educational methodology, creating advanced educational content for the teachers.